Italian VP, Gold Leaf, Burl Woodgrain

Chris Burke (Mr. Faux) and The Faux Team worked many hours on this fantastic design by Myron Wolman, Venetian Plaster, Antiqued Gold Leaf, Burl Woodgraining at St Regis in Washington D.C.

They Asked For Opulence
…. Italian VP, Gold Leaf, Burl Woodgrain,
Antiqued Gold Leaf…

Design by Myron Wolman – He hook’d them up!!

This amazing design by
Interior Designer Myron Wolman

and with Mr. Faux &
The Faux Team

we brought this design to an amazing result


The St. Regis Washington D.C. The Faux Team & Mr Faux
Mr Faux & The Faux Team


“Seems like this project was years ago but in fact it was just about exactly 12 months ago.
We worked so hard to finish the bar area.
Would love to see it again all put back together.”
Greg Frohnapfel-The Faux Team


The St. Regis Washington D.C. The Faux Team & Mr Faux
The St. Regis Washington D.C. The Faux Team & Mr Faux

Chris Burke & The Faux Team were absolutely amazing with this incredible work.
The combined experience of all made this feat possible.

The Faux Team Mr Faux & The St Regis Interior Design by Myron Wolman
The Faux Team Mr. Faux at St Regis. Interior Design by Myron Wolman

Totally amazing work Just look at the burl wood-grained panels

That was a dream job!

The Burle-wood, Antique Goldleaf,

Goldleaf in the Venetian plaster with gold wax.

For the Presidential Suite, we did Goldleaf on the two TV stands
and the newly built wood entrance



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