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Mr. Faux’s Recent Projects gets updated on a regular basis. This is also a good place to get ideas for your projects. Just click on the card that interests you and get the details of each completed project

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Mr Faux Glazed Kitchen Cabinetry McLean, Virginia 4
Cabinet Work

Kitchen Cabinet Glazing

Mr. Faux Kitchen Cabinet Glazing McLean, Virginia in addition to the already popular Painted Cabinetry available to the McLean Virginia area, a glazing service adds an

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Mr. Faux Heavy Textured Dining Room Walls

Dining Room Textured Walls

With decorative plasters and wall textures coming full circle again there are even more techniques available. Custom colored wall designs are what makes our work unique.

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Mr. Faux & The Dream TeamSt. Regis Washington DC
Venetian Plaster

Italian VP, Gold Leaf, Burl Woodgrain

Chris Burke (Mr. Faux) and The Faux Team worked many hours on this fantastic design by Myron Wolman, Venetian Plaster, Antiqued Gold Leaf, Burl Woodgraining at St Regis in Washington D.C.

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