Faux Finishing Is An Amazing Art!

Faux Finishing is an artform that covers all art forms.

The terms Faux Painting and Faux Finishing are one in the same and both pertain to the decorative arts most widely recognized
as in the French and Italian styles.
However there are thousands of others styles that have been mastered all over the world.
The artform was developed to replicate nature in many ways but also to represent manmade materials in areas where it is to difficult and/or cost effective to use the actual source such as  precious stones, marbles, exotic woods and even plant life that would be structurally impossible to use and meet the support and/or building code requirements of the mammoth architectures that have been constructed throughout history.
The use of faux finishing and decorative art techniques goes back a millenia. 
In many ways Faux Finishing is applied to replicate rare semi-precious stones, marble and also animal hides of protected/endangered wildlife.

With the use of a variety of high quality paper techniques known as “torn paper” and “tissue finishes” these are very versatile with the handling of the constantly changing interior design trends as with our custom designed finishes

Rag & Cheese (signature), Marbleizing, Fresco, Wood Graining, Trompe l’oeil, Venetian Plaster, Strie, Color Wash

These are only a few of the known techniques and you can explore our galleries and completed projects.

Get in touch with us for a consultation and see what we can do for you! 

Mr. Faux's
Faux Finishing

Mr Faux’s Team of decorative artisans are experienced craftsman that can handle a variety of
Faux Finishing installations.
Broken Color, Wall Glazing, Wood Graining, 
Marble and Stone Finishes 
Rag & Cheese (our signature)
and more…
Contemporary Custom Designs
to traditional
Old World European Textures
The possibilities are endless that includes
mica powders, wax, micah flakes, and
Custom Designed Finishes

Mr Faux Custom Designed Faux Finishes

Faux Finishing Techniques

Rag & Cheese, Wood Grain, Marble, Hombre, Glazing, Gilding, Patinas, Stencils, Embed

Metallic Faux Finishes

Patinas, Rust, Gold, Silver, Bronze
Copper, Goldleafs, Embed, Reliefs, Gradients

Faux Finishing Gallery

In The Faux Finishing Gallery If You Don't See What you're Looking For Ask Us

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