Dining Room Textured Walls

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Mr. Faux Heavy Textured Dining Room Walls

Wall Textures For Dining Rooms

The benefits of a textured wall finish include a noise reduction quality.
An “echo” can be caused by the use of hardwood flooring, marble, or even tile.

Of course the more you add to the room such as area rugs, artwork, and furniture the more it reduces that effect.


Mr Faux embossed textured dining room wall sample
Mr. Faux Heavy Textured Dining Room Wall sample

A texture actually breaks up sound waves thus reducing some echoing that can be caused by other harder noise reflecting substrates and surfaces.
Mr. Faux goes to great lengths to custom design these types of decorative plaster finishes by taking into consideration the ambiance of the area and what type of plaster medium is needed.

“The texture was created with my own combination of a drywall compound plaster. I then used a a putty knife to just leave in recesses, then rebased and glazed the texure after it has dried. This technique does look like Venetian plaster, just a more cost effective version- when budgets are a concern. I can design a decorative plaster or a faux finish for most budgets.”

Chris Burke,
Mr. Faux


Mr. Faux Heavy Textured Dining Room Walls
Mr. Faux Heavy Textured Dining Room Walls


With this transitional interior design, the color was important to make it work with the view of the outdoors and yet continue with the modern design of the ceiling and white painted trim.

“I ask our clients to choose a color they like then I choose a base coat and then mix the color for the glaze to get to a finished sample for the clients approval.”
Chris Burke, (Mr.Faux)


Mr. Faux Heavy Textured Dining Room Walls 3
Mr. Faux Heavy Textured Dining Room Walls 3


With decorative plasters and wall textures coming full circle again there are even more techniques available. Custom colored wall designs are what makes our work unique. Every detail of the room has to be taken into consideration and that what Mr. Faux’s team of artisans can bring that “WOW!” one, two punch to any room.

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